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West represents our love for the West Coast of Florida, our home. Our Rock solidifies the anchor through our daily life to building beautiful designs for our clients. Our pieces feature ethically handcrafted creations, each designed to be as unique as the muse who uses them.

"My love for florals has always been a connection with my desire to craft and design, but I really love making beautiful things around me and making others happy when their dreams come together when we seek the magic through their celebrations!" 


Born and raised in Southwest Florida, my husband  and I spent over a decade living in Los Angeles pursuing our careers as artists, where my inspirations for West & Rock were born. 


After the birth of our first son in LA, we wanted to make a way back to our roots & hometown. West & Rock organically bloomed out of the most sacred of places for me; and my deep love for the west coast of Florida and SoCal became the growing pot for my floral inspirations through the simple beauty of nature, water, and sun.


My passion for floral design carries over with the love for the business that now has captured my heart. By combining my passion and a deep love of flowers, West & Rock had a chance to grow. 

As the principal floral artist, I focus on producing exclusive and creative floral designs you can’t find elsewhere. I want your celebration to be unique and set a part from the rest.


I have always pursued my vision with intention, building West & Rock with a desire to create a space to give back directly to outreach the Southwest Florida community, with a focus on empowering women-led organizations and brands. When I'm not busy creating floral art the most important hat I wear is mom to two little boys. As collective husband and wife creatives, most days you'll find us in the studio. I'm usually processing flowers while my husband still works full time in the movie industry, but I'll summon his help for West & Rock every now and again. Our humble studio walls are packed with an eclectic mix of florals, FX prosthetics, sculptural creatures & curiosities from across the seas and around the world. With 21 years together, and 16 years of marriage under our belt we really look forward to being a part of your incredible celebration.

- Brittany 

our values.


As much as we are passionate about designing impactful events that are personal and unique to each client. We are equally passionate about doing business better and are built on the idea that little things can have a big impact and an opportunity to spread a simple act of kindness, where we’re truly rooted in our purpose. While we do many unspoken things for others, we actively repurpose and donate fresh florals through W/R events and other generous donations to Hope Hospice that would otherwise be discarded.



custom builds + W/R installation artist

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Wayne hails from Naples, Florida where he started oil painting by the age of 8, his love for all forms of art especially Special Effects encouraged to self-teach himself how to sculpt; landing him a career in Los Angeles pursuing FX in the film industry.  Since moving to Los Angeles he has become a prolific sculptor and painter leading in the industry working for FX studios like Spectral Motion, Legacy Effects, ADI and other heavy hitting film studios.  In a short time he's worked on some very high profile projects including Stranger Things, IT, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and recently sculpting the Fugitive Predator for the hit film "The Predator." When he's not creating custom builds for West & Rock clients you will catch him creating art for films; amid pre-covid disruption you'll find him traveling globally for keynote speaking engagements where he shares his FX knowledge.  He also creates commissioned pieces to private collectors around the world. His next big project takes him to Belgium later this year. ​

You can follow along his FX work:

WEST AND ROCK DESIGNS_edited_edited_edited.jpg

customer relations + marketing

Maya is newer to the West & Rock family, but has fit in straight away. You'll usually find her dominating our email list and social media. She is dedicated to answering all your questions and is here to help! Maya says it best: 

West & Rock's Team


"I'm excited to be a cornerstone for bringing all the pieces together. It's what drew me to become passionate about supporting others. Through their events and celebrations, creating joy and having fun!"

          - Maya