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inspired by the west coast of florida and southern california


Meet Brittany

Born and raised in Southwest Florida, my husband and I spent over a decade living in Los Angeles pursuing our careers as artists, where my inspirations for West & Rock were born. After the birth of our first son in LA, we wanted to make a way back to our roots & hometown. West & Rock organically bloomed out of the most sacred of places for me; and my deep love for the west coast of Florida and SoCal became the growing pot for my floral inspirations through the simple beauty of nature, water, and sun. My passion for floral design carries over with the love for the business that now has captured my heart. By combining my passion and a deep love of flowers, West & Rock had a chance to grow. As the principal floral artist, I focus on producing exclusive and creative floral designs you can’t find elsewhere. I want your celebration to be unique and set a part from the rest. I have always pursued my vision with intention, building West & Rock with a desire to create a space to give back directly to outreach the Southwest Florida community.

A floral artist
       inspired by the
           west coast of florida
                 and socal


Modern Florals

Custom Designs
intentional customization 

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