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Thank you for clicking here with interest! This means you too, care about community or are curious about our impact. As a business that celebrates life, we strongly believe in giving back. While we do many unspoken things for others, as a small and independent company we felt an extraordinary need to accomplish more and you as well, can be essential for growing that reach!

It’s really the heart & soul of our brand and what fuels us to keep creating to reach those around us and how you can join! We have strong beliefs guiding the work we do. It has the power to inspire, unite communities, and enlighten for the greater good— and we want to be part of making that impact. From there, ‘A flower for Virginia’ was born.

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Complimentary repurposing service for your event flowers!

I think we’ve all experienced firsthand how impactful gifting flowers can be. Flowers can heal & brighten in a very extraordinary way. 

This is the reason we gather donated florals after weddings & celebrations and other generous floral donations and pass them off to our sister not-for-profit cause; ‘A flower for Virginia’. We are built on the idea that little things can have a big impact. That every interaction and every experience at every touch point, is an opportunity to spread a simple act of kindness. We’re rooted in our community with meaningful purpose.

So we’re encouraged by others & you – who want to spread hope with a simple act of donating your flowers after your event, even just one arrangement of florals can be donated. The spirit of giving encourages us to give back to our community in a creative way. What better way to start off your marriage or life’s celebrations? Am I right!?

Flowers and Hand

Special Attention

An all volunteered based, local charity that gathers florals generously donated from weddings, celebrations (like yours!), and events presented by West & Rock Designs.

100% of the flowers are repurposed and delivered to healthcare facilities, women’s shelters, children’s hospitals, nursing homes, veteran care facilities + beyond. Organized by caring individuals, they ensure your donated flowers are properly removed, repurposed and delivered within 24-48 hours after an event.


A flower for Virginia strives to improve the health of the environment and well being of their community.

Real & artificial florals are happily accepted!

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Virginia Cass

The kindest grandmother, best hug giver & loved her garden of flowers. 

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Born & raised right here in Southwest Florida, we have 4 generations of family history here. My grandmother, Virginia was such a kind and caring person. She was born in Estero, FL and as a child, resided at the Thomas Edison Estate where her parents, The Andersons were the resident Caretakers for the Edison Home. Her legacy is a notable moment in Lee County History. She retired as a medical secretary and her hobbies included: sewing, painting, gardening and cooking. She created & designed her own sewing pattern to sew tiny outfits for myself (& her other granddaughters). Us girls in the family loved wearing them! She’d go out to sell them at craft shows and even named her outfits ‘Adorables’. A truly thoughtful and creative woman, she loved putting together tea parties and adored collecting fine china and flowers- of course. Pink Roses were her favorite. So together, in honor of Virginia, we strive to bring a bit of kindness to other local organizations, healthcare facilities and so much more to help serve our community.