What all do you offer?

Our offerings are completely unique and thoughtfully designed outside of the box. As self-taught artists we have a wide range of design with a variety of mixed media art from painting, sculptural experience, fabrication, & set design. Our rental collection contains backdrops to rentable florals and is great for any occasion: weddings, elopements, life’s celebrations, corporate events, baby showers, photography or production rentals, backyard gatherings + so much more. If your needs are a bit more unique, we would be happy to create something completely bespoke. We happily build and deliver high quality pieces for themed environments + set design. Let’s connect and start chatting today by submitting a custom proposal.

How much do custom backdrops cost?

We love creating unique pieces customized by you. This is where some of our best work is produced. Prices vary based on design, how elaborate the build will be, the materials desired, and seasonal requests. We’re pretty sure you already have a vision of what you’re looking for & how much you’re comfortable spending. Then let us help with the rest! Our designs are tailored to your specific aesthetic. Some larger installations take much longer to build, so we recommend the sooner the better. Give us a ring or submit a custom proposal Please note, we do not take on bespoke requests from August – November. We’re incredibly sorry our availability for custom work is extremely limited during those months. We’re busy creating during that time. All material & supplies for custom builds do follow the current market price, due to a high demand in raw materials. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

I see you offer permanent and custom installations for store fronts & home decor.

Yes, a permanent installation means you have commissioned us to create something that it’s yours to keep and admire. It’ll be connected or built-in so that the build cannot be freely moved in or out of position. When we think of a permanent installation, we think of a store front display or a window display, nursery wall hanging. Really whatever you desire or dream up. Check out our creative process to see how we get things done around here. Please note, we do not take on bespoke requests from August – November. We’re incredibly sorry our availability for custom work is extremely limited during those months. We’re busy creating during that time.



May I schedule a pick-up myself?

Our pieces are exclusively fabricated/handcrafted by us. They do require special handling for your installation and must be delivered for set-up & de-installed by us. Not to worry, we’re flexible & happy to make accommodations based on your needs for a seamless experience. Promise!

Delivery fees?

Our prices online are a flat rate and include hand-delivery if you’re within a surrounding 35 miles of Fort Myers. However, based on your exact location/venue and how many pieces we need to setup for your event or given remote areas, where set up may be challenging; prices start at 50 & upward – round trip. We just need the exact location for an accurate delivery quote. When we deliver we will set-up your installation where directed if we haven’t already been given a floor plan for your event. We deliver, 7 days a week. – except for major holidays. If you’re out of state & we’re travelling to you please contact us directly for an estimate.

Booking deposit?

Yes. To officially secure your date, we require a signed rental agreement along with a 35% retainer. A credit card on file for damages then at that point you’re booked and that date officially belongs to you! The remaining balance will be payable 4 weeks before set-up. We strongly recommend booking all your vendors as soon as you have a date set in place for your event. We recommend 6 months in advance, however, 1 year is best. There is nothing more disheartening to us when we no longer have availibility.

What's included in your prices?

We always provide a complimentary design call, whether you're looking for a custom build or floral customization. Rental prices include a one time use of items along with hand-delivery up to 35 miles in the surrounding Fort Myers area. End of event de-installment: we've got you completely covered from setting up your event to the final steps of removing florals from structures to breaking down backdrop installations. We hold liability insurance up to one million dollars, we take a lot of pride in our work and rightfully respect venue requirements and others requests. A typical invoice might include the following components: damage fee (if applicable) credit card convenience fee (rentals over 699) creation fee (bespoke orders) travel fee (outside of our 35 mile policy) tax any extra services required

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. If our standard payment schedule doesn't feel like a good fit, we do offer custom payment plans. While we offer a variety of pricing options on our rentals and bespoke offerings, we do not want cost to be a barrier and welcome customized payments. Our non-refundable 35% retainer is due to hold your spot on our calendar. The remaining payments are broken up over a length of period so that you can confidently budget around other costs with ease. Final payment is due 4 weeks before your event. If you think you might be interested in working out a payment plan don’t be afraid to communicate. We do want to mention there is a 3% convenience fee on credit card payments over 799. If you need a different payment plan, just ask. Please schedule a call for more information on payment options.

I need to reschedule or cancel my date.

A complete cancellation will result in forfeiting your retainer which was made upon your original reservation and any further payments you have already made. We are unable to give refunds as event dates are locked in at the time the contract is signed and have been reserved just for you. In the event of postponement of your original date, there will be a 199 rebooking fee. All payments are non-refundable. Please review your contract regarding our cancellation & rebooking policy.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. Please reach out to us to inform us when your venue requests our documention.

Can you move my set-up from the ceremony to the reception?

Perhaps, but not always depending on the complexity & logistics of the venue or location. This is what we call 'The Flip': our backdrop installations are intentionally designed for indoor/outdoor staging to help prevent accidents and assure everyone’s safe. Most of our pieces can be moved once they are installed at your event for an additional fee.
We will try our best to accommodate your vision!

May I add my own decorations to a backdrop?

Please do! You may bring or rent whatever your heart desires to add next to one of our installations. Balloon garlands, neon signs, even your own florals; we love it all and adore seeing our installations all dressed up. Pedestals always look great as a focal point next to our backdrops or arches to be used as a cake stand or perhaps a floral arrangement. We happen to love this look! Our structures also pair beautifully behind a lounge set up. Really where ever you see a vision for them! Please note, we only have a couple of basic décor rules that we ask when it comes to our backdrop structures: please do not screw or use any type of an adhesion of any kind. For any balloon garlands, neon signs or florals, zip ties would be okay to use as an attachment. If you’d like your florist to add fresh florals to an arch or back drop we will happily work with them up to the day of your event as our coordination will go hand in hand the day of your event. We’d love to connect with them so we’re able to make it a seamless process for everyone involved. Please note, you are responsible for any damages, should they arise.

Are your rentals available for styled shoots?

We’re always so humbled to hear that you love our unique style and designs. We wish we could say yes to everyone who requests our backdrops + florals for styled shoots, and do hope you understand when we have to say no. We try to limit these engagements to calendar periods which are typically less busy for us. Our rental collection is of course available to rent for styled shoots, waiving our minimum order threshold. Please feel free to request our Photography Rental Catalog, or check out our Partnerships to see if that might be a good fit for you.


Here at West & Rock, we do not discriminate against anyone based on race, sexual orientation, religion, or other cultural differences. We want you to feel welcome here, we exist because of you. 

Come as you are 

Special thanks to the photographers for sharing beautiful images of our work through their craft + talent. We appreciate you! W/R featured designs captured by:

Kelly Goggin Photography 
Brittany Borders Photography
Sandbar Photography
Neoperspectives Photography 
Lakin Nicole Photography 
Lucy Moreno Photography
Taylor Shea Photography
Marina LeighAnn Photography
Vivian Hoang Photography