Paint Colors


If your needs are a bit more unique, We happily build and deliver high quality pieces for themed environments + set design. 

Connected by our desire to create & build, we understand that unless used effectively, beautiful design is just a pretty vision. We’re small but mighty and want to be a trusted partner so, if your vision is in it, so is ours. If you can imagine it, we’re able to create it. We can take your initial concept from design through production, and within your budget.

More importantly we know that any good build should always start on a strong foundation, hence West & Rock. We’re constantly being inspired by things around us and stepping outside of the box. One of our largest projects to date were designing & building a 17,000 square foot haunted house. So, here’s how we get things done.


We believe great designs are a perfect match when your vision & great communication collide. This is where some of our best work is produced. This is a really fun stage, right from the start. Common values guide our artistry. While we welcome other artistic inspirations for a design, we will not outright copy another artist. However, we are happy to add elements of inspiration and make it unique. All consultations are complimentary.


We are committed to providing you styles that have quality fabrication with advanced installation techniques. Quality should never be a compromise. Your goals are the center of our design strategy. We’ll provide you with exact measurements, pricing & a visualization of your design. We’re happy to provide you with revisions until we hit the mark.


We want you to be thrilled with what we create. It’s why we get up in the morning. At this point we both agree on design & price. You’ll secure your deposit for materials and supplies needed and we’ll start the pre-fabrication. We have a wide range of design elements from carpentry to sculpting. Including chemical formulations, molding processes, and extensive knowledge & execution on industry materials like platinum silicone, fiberglass, & resin to name a few.


We’re in the final stages of production & everyone is happy with the design & build. Next, We’ll provide you with a finalized look as we start to prepare for delivery. We pride ourselves on quality built pieces and are hopeful it’ll be everything & more.

Please note, we do not take on large custom requests from August – November. We’re incredibly sorry our availability for custom work is extremely limited during those months. We’re busy creating during that time. 

All material & supplies for custom builds follow the current market price, due to a high demand in raw materials. We do apologize for any inconvenience.